Who is the Lord?

You are NOT your physical bodies, they are but vehicles for your physical experience on earth. YOU are actually CONSCIOUSNESS, vibrations of both positive and negative electrical energy, as BOTH are essential for ANY existence (as too the male and female aspects). YOU give life to the physical body, YOU are NOT the body, the body is where YOU live. Consciously YOU are, always have been and always will be, there is NO conscious death only physical death… As too then THE conscious energy of ALL things and EVERYTHING combined (without exception) referred to as GOD is, always has been and always will be. God then is NOT your creator, for as said (you are, always have been and always will be) and so YOU like GOD have no beginning and no end and so have no creator. EVERYTHING has always existed at some point and WILL return again, as TIME has no relevance in the conscious world… PHYSICALLY you YOURSELVES are YOUR OWN physical creators and too then YOU are the creators of a God of your own preferred design, or of one designated by your given religion of which you have been globally encouraged to recognize as a male God HE. He, regularly called the Lord, the Holy Father, the creator, the loving God, allegedly. This is in FACT a massive and detrimental error too easily welcomed and eagerly pushed and sold universally via the biased media, government and your religious beliefs and even too your own parents who’ve readily bought and incorporated the deceit. Cunningly sold from the base of small select evil section of learned individuals hellbent on maintaining their dominance over the ignorant masses. To extract and parasite from the same majorities God given power and energy and gain support and worship for THEIR chosen God and THEIR allegiance to that God, as they know too well energy flows where attention goes. But WHO or WHAT is benefitting from your ignorant mistakes of submission of energy and your misdirected focus of attention?

Your words have power, as too your thoughts and actions. Anything done of the positive has a positive reaction and mirrors the same back to he or she who plants the seed. He or she will benefit and so too will the whole world and this means physically, mentally, morally, socially, energetically, consciously, spiritually etc. The opposite is then the applied when a negative action is performed, he or she will bear the fruit of the negative seed they planted and so too will the rest of the world also. Your given languages words and their combination have been promoted by an evil section of the learned to disempower YOU into submission of YOUR power for THEIR benefit, to encourage and give support to a world THEY desire. As stated previously your calling of you loving God as He, him, the lord sends your attention towards HIM, but who is he?

Maybe a read of the e-book ‘THE LOVING MOTHER’S WORDS OF WISDOM AND THE FATHER’S THEFT‘ may shed some light on this deception.
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Not a baker nor a butcher
but a thespian by trade
I who introduced you to your wife.
‘A wife for life’,  she said…… as she prodded at your head
popped and pinned you to the bed
you will never wander….yet you’ll wonder what you could achieve
with the arsenal you’ve digested
whilst in solitary confinement in Her Majesty’s establishment
Give it seven years and you’ll be a veteran lacking much enthusiasm yes
to mastermind a modicum of metal minded muscle…..Oh
She’s in your face
so without haste
You pack a sack of suitable designs then to race to catch a train
that was late again….as usual… or just waiting for yourself to board
so patient those commuters who applauded your arrival
with acute enthusiasm
others draping doors and windows yes whilst swinging cats and shackles
with bohemian sarcasm
plus those majorettes imported with their dirty twirling batons
and a big brass band from Staten
as you sucked on your inhaler as your nose ran down your chin
now contracting from within
as a million eyes are watching
so embarrassed now you pulled the cord as everyone alights the train
a unanimous decision led by bible bashing Vicar
so encouraged by the Tavor hidden underneath your trenchcoat ..oh
They’re in your face
so without haste
You settle on Manhattan
Yes the bankers hand was trembling as he counted lives and money
he asked you to sign here…so you penned him Castle Horde
it’s not your name…. but just the same
you’re not to blame the towns financial drip
caused by illegal transactions on cute foreign delegations
narked… you acidly explained
you’re a thespian by trade……….not a baker nor a butcher.

Krapp, as portrayed by Harold Pinter at the Ro...

Krapp, as portrayed by Harold Pinter at the Royal Court Theatre in October 2006 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Arise young man
for you’re sat in my chair
it’s a black and tan fact that I always sit there.
My body’s effete
I envisage a pause
insipid responses are’nt helping the cause.
Disrupting proceedings
congesting the room
I shall rain on your head a disparaging tune.
Who gave you permission
who gave you the ball
you pitch in Zimbabwe, Yemen or Nepal.
You’re dropping your litter all over the place
I’m brewing up big time to smother your face.
Contemptuous derision of cultured advice
and cute disrespect of our country’s entice.
You buggers got rhythm
you buggers got stance
us buggers are goofing the Floral Dance.
I’m standing…you’re sitting amazing the court
reciting us Shakespeare and Pinter and Holt.
You’re gorging my dinner
and slurping my tea
the resident kookies are cracking with glee.
Are they your wheels hogging the foot of my drive?
that’s it mate….you’re finished….I’ll skin you alive.
This crude revelation has made me uptight
to retrieve my location I’ll stand here all night.
……..Get up I say
that’s my bloody chair
it’s a black and tan fact…..that I always sit there.


This big ship lugs only one that’s me
it deluded it’s anchor barren lost at sea
I was swept unaware of its lease of life
she was cast by a mariners survival knife
there was no-one to heed my sorry cry for help
with a drip and a gurgle as the anchor fell
but the wind willy nilly tossed us to and thro
such a drastic location as the thunder roared
I was woke to a rapping from the stray detail
a dyslexic reception call was bound to fail
the response sought me un-aware and cussed my fall
with an eye barely open view a vibrant crawl
I reflected religiously in search of light
was I cursed to a rota of eternal night
overhead congregating swarmed the vultures best
I recoiled back in horror as the scavengers messed
with the deluge relentless I redressed below
horrid rooks started tripping on the cabin floor
with the rain no deterrent and the gusts no threat
they deliriously powered as their eyebrows met
with their heads full of anger and the promise of rum
they ferment to the rhythm of a distant drum
As they ripped out a panel with a tribal yelp
I recited a passage as I plied for help
well thank the Lord for the power of prayer
as above helicopters towered in the air
and the sun came out and the sky turned blue
but the stains remained though I’d broke curfew.

  A reverent petition made to God, a god, or another object of worship.
b. The act of making a reverent petition to God, a god, or another object of worship.
2. An act of communion with God, a god, or another object of worship, such as in devotion, confession, praise, or thanksgiving: One evening a week, the family would join together in prayer.
3. A specially worded form used to address God, a god, or another object of worship.
4. prayers A religious observance in which praying predominates: morning prayers.
a. A fervent request: Her prayer for rain was granted at last.
b. The thing requested: His safe arrival was their only prayer.
6. The slightest chance or hope: In a storm the mountain climbers won’t have a prayer.
7. Law
a. The request of a complainant, as stated in a complaint or in equity, that the court grant the aid or relief solicited.
b. The section of the complaint or bill that contains this request.


Squeeze that dummy,  squeeze him dry  
scupper his desire to fly   
minimise him if he tries,  
digitize him if he cries   
he’ll never prosper in this land  
but wait mate on the other hand
let’s toy with him and raise his stakes
he pays his dues for heaven sake   
apportion him a generous wage  
then tax him on the other page  
we’ll tax him so hard he implodes
and cracks appear within his walls   
my tabernacle’s so divine   
hey butler,  splatter me some wine
within this slash….within this face  
and spread some cream around my waist   
But look…..that dummy’s rising  up  
collecting finance in his cup   
I want that dummy drenched in chains  
but first deplete him of his gains   
how dare he thrive without my call   
upon my stage, he’s got some gall     
arrest him and then trash his stall
then pin him up against a wall.
Take that dummy, Take that too   
punch you till you’re black and blue   
this punishment is overdue    
had just about enough of you     
a trouble maker in our midst   
a self appointed anarchist    
Stand up dummy,  Stand up straight    
this court awaits his presidence   
you stand accused of lighting up   
and publicly displaying hope   
wake up dummy,  here’s your food    
it’s nourishing don’t be so rude    
our chef  prepared it specially   
with specimens from his body   
your situation’s  self issued    
elimination’s been approved   
your cat has changed its name and moved   
Lick that dummy,  Lick him down     
drive him to his local town  
parade him in his mothers gown
then throw him roughly to the ground    
hey hang  on, on the other hand
let’s hang that dummy,  hang him high     
take your cameras,  use my tie    
the government will supervise   
the BBC  will televise    
the army will patrol  the streets
the church can organize a fete    
we’ll drop the sun to raise the heat    
with prime position  for the elite      
he’s our example to the world    
it’s common knowledge we are cold.

Surveillance:    NO PLACE TO HIDE

Behind the Scenes of Our Emerging Surveillance Society
By Robert O’ Harrow Jr.
We live in an ever more convenient society. We use credit cards, buy books on Amazon, reserve plane tickets on Expedia, bid for antiques on eBay, get cash at ATMs and find jobs on Monster. We use key cards to open hotel rooms, EZ-Pass to pay tolls and GPS to get directions. We send e-mail, fill prescriptions and sexual needs on the Internet, and pay bills electronically.

These conveniences generate data. In the “old” days, we did not leave behind a readily accessible, electronic trail of our purchases, conversations, whereabouts and transactions. We took for granted the anonymity and privacy of our ordinary, day-to-day lives. No more. Today, we are constantly tagged, monitored, studied, sorted and tracked by a vast array of institutions and organizations — private and public. As Robert O’Harrow Jr. details in No Place to Hide, it is worse than we could ever have imagined. In this revealing book, O’Harrow makes clear that Americans (WE ALL) need to think seriously about these issues now — before it is too late for us to decide that we care.

English: Indian Army Elite 9 Para Commandos

English: Indian Army Elite 9 Para Commandos (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


I wish I hadn’t come here
I wish I hadn’t seen that
I wish I hadn’t bought this
I wish I my hair was longer
I wish I was physically stronger
I wish I was orchestral and volumetric when in the presence of nobility
I wish I was commanding and vibrant when amongst the petty crowd
I wish I’d studied more at school
I wish I was financially secure for damn sure
I wish I was rich beyond my wildest dreams
I wish I was systematic, diplomatic, enigmatic or something equivalent
I wish I could afford to be flippant like an aristocrat’s only spoilt child
I wish I had a leather jacket like that
I wish I could dance like Michael Jackson, James Brown or Nijinsky
I wish I could entice, excite, enlight, enrich
I wish you’d shut up and sit down…….in that order
I wish you wouldn’t do that
I wish you’d stop swearing………..and spitting for that matter
I wish to be appreciated……….not depreciated
I wish you were here instead of me being tortured
I wish I was somewhere else being pampered
I wish God was here in my hour of need
I wish I hadn’t said that
I wish you’d sit down and be quiet
I wish the sun and the earth would collide and thus rid me
                          of these crippling debts and continuous bad health
I wish I could sleep at nights without the aid of tablets
I wish the crass and the ignorant would cease to exist
      fragment………crumble……dissolve……dust to dust / ashes to ashes……dispense…..disappear
I wish crucifixion was a valid deterrent for the mindless desecration of our ancestors heritage
I wish to retract that last statement
I wish Priests Court was a dual carriageway
I wish you’d stop shouting and moaning and pushing
I wish you’d drop dead
I wish I hadn’t said that
I wish to be excused
I wish the train of good fortune would for once….if it’s not too much trouble……..stop long enough for me to participate
I wish to be adored and envied by no-one in particular
in fact………
I wish to be called Gloria in future………….if you don’t mind
I wish you’d stop laughing …..I jest you not…..it’s a serious matter
I wish you loved me
I wish you were obsessed…….to the point of sickness
I wish you were mine basically.
I wish I’d met you years ago


The head hurts

English: Southern Manhattan from Staten Island...

English: Southern Manhattan from Staten Island ferry (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

the brain cells rock
your sagacity simmers then bubbles nefariously
the terra firma stirs beneath your rostrum
gapes and invites your infernal admission
the eyes focus independently
the body reeks, frail, resigned and unstable
your once natural functions are now an awkward and conscientious impediment
the medication sucks
as your limbs languish idle either side your malnourished paunch
and the top lip quibbles
and the bottom lip dribbles
A wheelchair and catheter await you aside some callous nanny
the love of your life betrays you
the clock stagnates
There’s a hole in your pocket
your currency cascades at the feet of impoverished pubescents
reluctant to relinquish their prevalent opulence
and so react aggressively to your legitimate confrontation
The cold, raw night permeates your irregular tranquility
low life scum await your transmission in a dark alcove
armed to the teeth and desperate for your premium
there’s a gun trained on you by some sad high school dropout
perched on the blocks sixth floor balcony
a gang of fascists stalk you with bellicose mannerisms
a brusque old woman jars you, turns
… then glares back in defiance behind thick spectacles and extensive folds
the wind tosses your fragile shell like a turbulent zeppelin…….possibly
the boys in blue shadow your every move through stained glass windows
the love of your life detains you
the clock accelerates
You’re happy to parade in female apparel
but the high heels are crippling and cramping your style
with lipstick smeared across that contorted face as you brave the flourescent williwaw
you’ve hacked a nail whilst defending your honour
as kiddies giggle, heckle and jeer ……. ’till their throats are dry, sore and bloody
and their midriffs wrench as they loose control of any puerile perception they still retain
see they straddle the inert jalopies and perpendicular malarkey containers
with an unlimited infinite rictus smeared across their vacant visage
Oh and your stockings are laddered from thigh to fibula…….’Oh what a drag’  she said!
you’re clutching an empty whisky bottle as you slur your vocabulary
and totter the nocturnal alley for business as daddy calls from within his baroque mausoleum
the love of your life defames you
the clock palpitates
The tower above is fragmenting before your nebulous eyes
citizens race and pace like ants in turmoil
you wish to evacuate, but your body refuses to decode your decree
a stranger hoists and conveys you to relative safety
then drops you awkwardly and returns to party
your back pain renaissance returns with a vengeance
you gaze up to the blood red sky awaiting due assistance
and hanker God’s remedial intervention
……but not so……….or not today at least
a local gang called ‘piranha’ loom large overhead you like beasts of prey
admiring your pretty things as they circle your yielding frame
The Lords Prayers lyrics hold no substance at this time or place
the love of your life impales you
the clock disintegrates.
Take me I’m yours


The terms “nervous breakdown” and “mental breakdown” have not been formally defined through a diagnostic system such as the DSM-IV or ICD-9, and are nearly absent from current scientific literature regarding mental illness. Although “nervous breakdown” does not necessarily have a rigorous or static definition, surveys of laypersons suggest that the term refers to a specific acute time-limited reactive disorder, involving symptoms of anxiety and depression, usually precipitated by external stressors. Those surveyed presented a strong consensus opinion that the condition is not typified by psychotic features, somatic complaints, phobic behavior, paranois , or mania.

Specific cases are sometimes described as a “breakdown” only after a person becomes unable to function in day-to-day life due to difficulties adapting. Seeking professional aid may be helpful in these situations.

Precipitating Factors

Causes of breakdown are varied. The most frequently cited cause cited in a 1996 U.S. study was relationship problems — with divorce, marital strains, marital separations, and other relationship problems contributing to 24% of nervous breakdowns. Problems at work and school accounted for 17% of cases, and financial problems for 11%. Surveys suggest that in the United States health problems have decreased in importance as a contributor to nervous breakdowns, as these accounted for 28% of nervous breakdowns in 1957, 12% in 1976, and only 5.6% in 1996.


Don’t mention the name in vain if you value your life
there’s an angry mob on the loose
and they need no excuse for abuse of a goose named Red
He may be a slayer within his own head
but you’re being unkind Michael… said the Barrister’s Wife
for he carries no knife
if you value your life you’ll withdraw
and leave the eclectic alone.
For they speak of atrocities long since gone not attractive to some but his mum
though where was he primarily from.
A path leering deep in the gully rues his childhood pen
as his friends need not frequent and then
The city’s are spilling with streets not easy to thread
where his father would spin on his head for a dollar a time
while his mother now bays ‘neath a blood stained shoal at last
averting her eyes from his craze
he’s been donning that beehive for days
We’re truly amazed he remembered his station
so long in the tower he crashed
As a rapacious vision surveyed Katherine’s gaudy shack
in a long black mack and tack to bind the vessel near
Foilage irks the diminutive throng who’s pursuit is pensive in the stark and mud
Then a thud as a body slumps an assailants stump as chaos erupts in the dark
their lanterns not aiding the cameraman’s plight
but Michael will sleep rough tonight
The pendulum’s set, the terrain is wet, the serpeants awake, he didn’t forget
now Red’s fully equipt to withstand their writ.
with a barrel of ale and a bucket of spit.


hospital treatment does not necessarily involve compulsory detainment. Many people who receive inpatient care enter hospital on a voluntary basis, as an ‘informal patient’. And generally, inpatient hospital treatment is avoided; certainly, sectioning is only used to benefit people who may be presenting a danger to themselves or others. It allows them to be professionally assessed, monitored and treated in order to stabilise their condition and promote recovery.

So what does “being sectioned” mean?
The term “being sectioned” refers to the use of a part of the Mental Health Act to gain legal permission to give someone compulsory assessment or treatment for a mental health problem.

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Who will mourn me when I die
who’ll console and say goodbye
then a soldier said, ”not I”
normal service shall apply
laugh my head off when you die
press ignite and watch you fry
drink your liqour cupboard dry
gorged in song with head held high

Who’ll adorn this fragrant room
who’ll acclaim its stately tomb
some bird jumped up and said, ”not me”
I’ve waited 5 years to be free
I’ll ostracize your family
then bear my tits at Glastonbury
and twist until my back hurts me
salute your fading memory
your death’d be no real tragedy
your legacy’s my destiny
much better off financially
for I’m your beneficiary

Who will haunt you when you sleep
tangled ‘neath the devils heap
some ham dramatist said, ”oh please”
have mercy man, I’m on my knees
there’s my car and here’s my keys
go find some other head to squeeze
I’ll join allegiance if you cease
look at me I’m such a tease
veiled in pink I dress to please
strip me and discover sleaze
pinch me hard and I’ll say cheese

Who will face his Holy Wrath
Who’ll peruse my epitaph
”don’t look at me,” some young punk said
as he filled his gash with dread
grazing on his unkempt bed
mushrooms rising from his head
mind insolvent as he bled
ganja growing in his shed
”Jah! he must provide,” he said

Death is the permanent termination of the biological functions that define a living organism. It refers to both a particular event and to the condition that results thereby. The true nature of the latter has for millennia been a central concern of the world’s religious traditions and of philosophical enquiry. Many religions maintain faith in either some kind of afterlife or reincarnation. The effect of physical death on any possible mind or soul remains for many an open question.


A tall dark, handsome placid man
a resident of Pakistan
as a child he loved his mam
this self established business man
proud and prominent he did stand
overlooking stolen land
owner of an idyllic country mansion with rooms aplenty
owner of both a Merc and Bentley
king sized draped in satin red
plush with luscious lawns of green
holding constant sky of blue
monthly holidays abroad
with whom so ever could afford
to match his lavish spending spree
generating socially
in ambience of golden hue
flashing lights divide for you
to see this stalwart trip and fall
to see his wrecked and ruined hall
curse that incoherent verse
blink and someone strips his purse
hunched dishevelled in some van
on rocky road from Pakistan 


Sections may go hungry
their adversities fortold
but hell those blokes can party
a staunch embattled mold
Their troops have left us homeless
On Thursday we’ll fold light
but still we yearn to party
as left fist follows right
your love goes undigested
but sins have been reported and sins must be avenged
the livid Master retched
and Dominus advised me
but I squashed their hollow datum
now I am duly caned

Some horde subdue a patsy
conserved, he shifts the ground
but slap heads love to party
’twas this the stripling found
Their finances contorted
their fractions in dismay
still adamant to party
in drunken apathy
Good deeds go unrewarded
but sin has been recorded and sin must be avenged
the quoted bible fates
and Cardinal informed me
but I questioned this equation
now I am to be nailed

His wife’s allaying triplets
his mother’s in respite
Good God that man can party
in leather strip and tights
An over zealous dresser
she roughs in fields of vice
but watch that woman party
intends to swing all night
Your aid had been aborted
cause sin was not avoided and sin must be avenged
I’m told the good book says
a prudent Rabbi told me
but I shirked that rash noesis
now I am bound in chains.


I woke up this morning, alone
hence crashed out of my bunker, alone
I revolved in my bathroom, alone
then slumped over the bog well, alone
like a despondent puppet, alone
there I cracked funny faces, alone
to beguile my position, alone
a malady evoked me, alone
had to buzz with persistance, alone
but I met no assistance, alone
So succumbed like some cripple, alone
at a Bacchanals tipple, alone
I looked far from appealling, alone
I was rockin’ n’ reelin’  alone
both my nostrils were bleeding
as I writhed like a stripper, alone
the damn phone started ringing
so I mumbled and fumbled, alone
to preserve recognition, alone
of my a sad disposition, alone
I endeavored with purpose, alone
‘cross the sparsely lit hallway, alone
and descended the cellar, alone
past a solitary figure, alone
that incessantly taunts me
on consecutive Sundays, alone
so I grasped the receiver, alone
and requested an answer, alone
and demanded an answer, alone
and suggested an answer, alone
but was met by some pervert, alone
commandeering crude action, alone
for his own satisfaction, alone
so I dropped the receiver
’cause I’m not a believer
Then ascended the stairway, alone
as my heart started racing, oh no
my left arm started tingling, oh no
now in pain I was pacing, alone
my demise I was facing, alone
and my head started spinning, oh no
I located the kitchen, alone
where I took medication, alone
with a glass of cold water, alone
then a cup of cold coffee, alone
then two more cups of coffee, alone
and a big piece of toffee, alone
I was sweating profusely, alone
so I peeled off to launder, alone
but first drew back the curtains
so the good Lord could see me, alone
he’d disperse me or bless me, alone
but I noticed him sniggering, alone
and his angels were giggling, alone
’cause my neighbours were swinging, alone
so I quickly retreated, alone
I felt chaff and mistreated, oh no
I’d been savagely beaten, alone
I was asked to be seated, alone
by Jehovah’s depletives, alone
so sat back and reflected, alone


Don’t call me, I’ll call you, said the Castle to the King
I graced you rank and presidence but mayhem hath you bring
this used to be a peaceful town no policies contrite
you colonize then segregate then order both to fight

Don’t call me, I’ll call you, said the Convict to the Law
you built a secure prison where there wasn’t one before
particular attention’s been administered within
for dishing out brute punishment like torture for my sins

Don’t call me, I’ll call you, said the Weapon to the Arm
this sword don’t give you dominance, prominence, nor charm
immensely more obnoxious than you ever was before
so ditch that phoney accent and shed that blade of gore

Don’t call me, I’ll call you, said the Choirboy to the Priest
if you’re defecting to the west,  I’ll abide the east
you’ve rendered me a nervous wreck I pray to stay alert
‘stop gasping when you see me,  stop tugging at my shirt’

Don’t call me,  I’ll call you, said the Rent Boy to the Queer
I know you you’re a magistrate what YOU doing here?
no doubt you’ll show me leniency the next time that we meet
your face red with embarrassment in peril at my feet

Don’t call me,  I’ll call you, said the Spider to the Ant
I’d love to hang around with you but obviously said I can’t
your mates oblige aggressively and terrorize my race
when stating we were buddies, they just cracked up in my face

Don’t call me, I’ll call you said the Forest to the Fire
you said you wouldn’t mess with us but frankly you’re a liar
We didn’t see you coming,  you never made a sound
you warmed us and aroused us then you raised us to the ground

Don’t call me, I’ll call you, said the diner to the cook
I doubt if you could recognise a pheasant from a duck
I noticed you adorn yourself with countless warts and rings
Alluring presentations but reluctant to dig in

Don’t call me, I’ll call you, said the Turkey to the Knife
your cutting personality devaluates my life
don’t touch me I’m not succulent your bound to rue the chase
I’ve been rolling round in dog trash just to marinate the taste.

Sex and Drugs and Jesus Christ

Sex and Drugs and Jesus Christ (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

It’s believed our existence is no more than a deceptive soap opera / a ‘Truman Story’/ a Big Brother experience of which most are unaware of. That education and the media are simply tools to control, bind, blind and steer in the direction of misdirection. From day one of our vastly limited lives we’re distorted, firstly by our parents who themselves have long since been brainwashed to believe whatever THEIR parent fed them. Then the government, the media and our schools who fervently profess tall tales as fact though much be open to question and skeptical debate. History that’s been twisted, deleted and dumbed down where necessary by a few conniving gangsters long be before it reaches the brainwashed teachers desk or the well scripted media and so long as we unquestionably absorb, compute and regurgitate the same tainted data we’re rewarded with an O level, A level or a degree and the opportunity to indoctrinate others with our own vivid indoctrinations.

Some scribblers conceive religion too to be of questionable falsification and amendment by this same certain ensemble, eager to divide and control the masses with corrupted knowledge to suit an evil agenda. Is it blasphemy to question certain issues we’re pressed to file within our empty heads even though perplexed and puzzled by such flimsy teachings? How dare you question the significance of the crucifix (”a constant reminder of Christ’s death and the sacrifice he made for mankind” we’re firmly told). You’ll note the sign of the cross is made at every opportunity from dusk till dawn, before meals, when entering a church, when in peril or when someone dies. The cross was historically a tool of torture and slow death I seem to remember, used to kill many including and most noticeably Jesus Christ, or so the bible states. Crucified by the decree of some evil, self appointed elitist anti-Christs desperate to govern. Hellbent they to then detect and spill the blood of his followers if they failed to renounce their God and their beliefs. Set they to destroy a belief robust and stubborn they did infiltrate the church and neutralize its potency and transmission from within its structure and too determined to stain and tar any GENUINE clergy with the same brush of dark debauchery they themselves already embraced. Building lavish churches to entice incognizant Christians to a site of beguiling content to neutralize, stifle and misdirect any fruitless efforts for salvation and amendment and modify the true bible with dubious ambiguity to suit….. and let’s not forget the convenient introduction of the compact crucifix for worshippers to bear as homage to their Christ. Though it would be more stimulating to acknowledge he in a more POSITIVE light such as his teachings or his resurrection.  But what symbol could possibly be appropriate for these?… (NOTHING) for nothing is necessary. What lies in the heart and soul is adequate enough to suffice with no need for that NEGATIVE low vibrational dubious symbol of death to dwell upon. Imagine coming home late one night to find your dear mother had been bludgeoned to death by an assailant’s hammer (now covered in her hair and blood), would you choose to wear a little hammer around your neck to reminisce of that terrible night? …of course not….it’s the LAST thing you’d adorn your body or home with).

Some have suggested the crucifix COULD actually be an inverted/reverse satanic mockery to Christ’s death…a pious poke, a religious ribbing perhaps?  Could crossing yourself have some sort of satanic properties for cancelling your prayers through this satanic sign language cunningly slipped into your religious routine? Could the act of christening and baptism by some priest making the sign of the cross on the baby’s forehead, right above the middle eye have the satanic properties of cancelling self awareness and rendering the child as property by the name of.  Could this be why the KKK  Ku Klux Klan, comfortably brandished the cross and burnt it without any qualms or conscience whatsoever whilst still professing to be a religious sect? Could this be why Christianity is keenly and routinely taught and encouraged in every country this satanic few invades and infests? Is this why these peoples sorry pleas for Gods assistance goes unheard as they continue to struggle in harsh poverty? Is this why satanists openly wear the crucifix amongst their other satanic symbols, knowing full well the truth of what it REALLY represents whilst the rest of humanity signs on and on in euphoric ignorance of any trickery?

  Many highly religious clerics have been questioned as shady in many a book. Not to mention the endless stories of far too many priests being exposed as paedophiles, (surmised by DAVID ICKE as strongly connected to satanism) and all these more than comfortable to embrace the crucifix and make it’s sign at every opportunity in OUR direction and at OUR expense of cancellation of prayers and faith. Not all men/women of the cloth are evil or corrupt, but any genuine clerics would be kept ignorant of the BIG picture of deception contrived and implemented by the evil few. Is it not possible we’ve been conned from infancy and unquestionably accepted and digested without question for fear of a sneer from our elders?  Bible, prayer and hymn of lyrical ambiguity and double meaning, churches littered with icons and symbolism and incomprehensible literature and chants most worshippers haven’t a clue or perception of what they really represent or of the psychic powers they omit and transmit.

A religious history hellbent on promoting Jesus Christ as a blond haired, blue eyed, white man (in practically every living room or Hollywood blockbuster) but who just so happened to be born on brown mans land (it’s possible… but unlikely) but yet with no worthwhile argument to support this implausible detail. The New Testament mysteriously includes NO description of the physical appearance of Jesus before his death…… why not?  Maybe as unable and unwilling to sell a non-white Christ (the Son of God) to a white audience who would rather die or live a probable lie than face any such possible truth. Or did such a man even really exist? a tall tale perhaps.. can we believe anything we’ve been told?… We must surely now question EVERYTHING our teachers, parents, doctors, politicians and the media tell us, for all of these under mind control to deliver false knowledge as scripted.

Who are we? why are we? where are we? and who or what is God? answer….God is pure divine consciousness, the creator of all life throughout the universe, who is, always has been and always will be, as is true of all God’s creations. The universe is alive and active, as are the stars, moons and planets and all that dwell upon them, unlike the lies stuttered that only earth harbours life and that man is dominant and is of the image of God. What conceited rubbish said the budgie and the dragon as they clenched their fists. Though many refer to God as he….not me, God has no definitive image, as too we neither, for as consciousness we’re but male or female yet not man or woman, boy or girl, or even human we simply adopt our temporary physical anatomy for our life in this chosen experience.  On entering this reality we surrender all knowledge of ourselves and are left vulnerable to misinformation and malnutrition.  Within this life on earth we wrongly conceive that there is a beginning and an end to everything….especially life, where in fact there is no beginning or end….past, present or future, as too of God who is within everybody and everything. Outside of our limited perception of reality there is no time, speed limits or distance restrictions and our brains are like complicated computers that absorb ALL information/data consciously and sub-consciously and project upon the equivalent of a computer screen to perceive reality. We either create our own reality or in our ignorance of our limitless capabilities we allow others to intercept and project THEIR perverse version of reality into OUR minds and onto OUR screens and thus make OUR lives a misery while they feed on OUR emotional traumas.

These few distort our reality with canard and cunning to entice man to lust the false fruits of money, possessions and pride and fills our hearts and minds with conceit, jealousy,, anxiety and bias.

Detail - Glory of the New Born Christ in prese...I question the dubious fable of Adam and Eve, if at all true, why would the creator the source of all life tell Adam and Eve that all is theirs to eat, except for the apples of this certain tree? In fact I question ALL the readily undocumented history presented by the lying conspiracy.  An apple is but a gift from the apple tree as are all fruit, vegetation and herbs gifts from plant life. God needed not for Adam or Eve to proof their devotion and love to their creator with such nonsense of the placement of one revered fruit tree simply to dare entice its consumption. This is surely but to hide the more plausible truth of Gods original sin of slaying of ANY living thing for ANY reason and to eat ONLY the vegetables, fruit and herbs mother nature provided and most definitely avoid any destructive absurdity of barbaric sacrificial offerings of man, woman, child or beast to win favour the blessings of the creator. This act serves more of Satan and his followers gluttonous desire to destroy that created by God and binge on the fear, pain and misery it stimulates.

DAVID ICKE / ALEX JONES and others state these few as ‘The Illuminati’. Said to be a deeply underground secret society of mega mega mega wealthy businessmen and families who’ve managed to corner most of the worlds riches and enterprise by devious evil means. A small exclusive sect of what allegedly includes the Royal Family, who allegedly portray themselves as nothing more than regal ambassadors of the British people they deceive, aliens from other planets who have long settled and merged with man to direct and dictate world issues. These few control the people, who control the people, who control a government that never sways its agenda to deceive, enslave and imprison the general public, no matter which party is elected by a public ignorant of the fact they have NO CHOICE or voice of any importance and that their existence will forever be an existence of stress and struggle and fear of debt and death until they ALL wake up and unite as one irrelevant of the divisions imposed upon them by these controlling few steadfast in isolating them from themselves and each other? Governments led by a prime minister, president or dictator whose job it is to articulate what’s prescribed by a higher rule of whom the general public should never see nor know exists.
Remember the disgruntled cries of ”Maggie Thatcher the milk snatcher” she didn’t snatch the kiddies milk…. SHE was simply under orders to obey and convey……. which she did….and then carry the can to her death.

Some might also say these few have been witness to knowledge and insight through clandestine ancient historic scriptures and scientific research that all men should access. Knowledge of what man IS really capable of via telepathy, time travel, spiritual awakening etc etc etc. Actual recognition of alien existence and intelligence and maybe a definite perception of self awareness, God awareness, parallel universes, heaven, hell, natural cures for all NATURAL illness, space travel, the importance of the pyramids and the other significant masonry structures of your TRUE history. How these were built, why they were built, why in that exact location and who REALLY built these magnificent structures, with stones so vast no mortal being could possibly shift such weight no matter how many men. Were humans much bigger then? It has also been said the pyramids were built from the top downwards, now surely that’s impossible even for a giant or any known machinery. Could it be possible that the good, God fearing humans of old had the sublime capacity to somehow unite and MENTALLY move objects through some sort of HIGH vibrational dexterity? Has mankind been hijacked at some point in history by a secret force or another planet and rendered basic? Is there something the history books aren’t telling you? An history vetted and amended by these self appointed lords of the lands in order to suppress and shroud mankind of his his/her TRUE history and TRUE capabilities….and if so what else are they withholding and distorting as you ignorantly battle through your apportioned daily ration of turmoil, anguish, terror, fear, frustration and desperation they themselves cunningly and cruelly lavished upon you in order to blur your vision and focus your blinkered attention on your personal priorities of debt, illness, tv, fashion, religion, triviality, prejudice, sex, football and decorated termination of life as we know it.


handy 2I’m in charge here
I am your chieftain…..your Lord and Master
the head of proceedings…the king of the castle…the cat with the cream
I….the orchestrator, the pivotal point, the emphasis, the edict, the axis, the access, the exit,
the designer, the generator, the detonator, the grand wizard,
The power and the glory, le chef du paquet
I….the ventriloquist….you the dummy
my hand your body….my thoughts your actions….my voice your labour
This is my domain, my shrine, my kingdom, my vision, my creation, my baby
This empire is the result of my structured efforts…..not yours
my potent planning, my vigorous devotion, innovation, dedication, generation, agitation,
you’re easily replaced my love
they queue a mile long awaiting your ragged eviction
To rule is my birthright….to serve is yours
my word is law within these walls, between the designated hours stipulated in your contract
Bestow me the respect befitting one so frugal
If I say jump…..you say how high
you’ll speak when you’re spoken to and not before
your health and prosperity mean nothing to me
money is my only incentive
Scrutinize your daily contribution before considering financial furtherance
delegation issues are my division
without my fruition, your pulpit would wince then deteriorate chaotically
and your debts would employ you and infest your frail stability
and for this I demand nothing more than your obedience, stagnation and repetition.
Lay down your tenuous weapons of confrontation
Cower…like a bullied infant when in my presence
if not me, then another would devour then empower you
better the devil you know to oppress and stifle your elaboration
get down on your bended knees and acclaim my perception.
I could have you bombastically purged from my premises
harried into the streets with my hounds snapping at your brittle ankles
watch my honey’s callously terrorize your vicinity with impish exuberance
Laugh?……I’d surely die
creased up double as you ultimately capitulate exhausted in a heady stupor in the gutter
diluted to that rag doll status you’ve become accustomed to
saturated with reluctant tears upon that childlike, crumpled little face of yours
a fine example to all and sundry of my hostile leadership.
Watch you twitch and shiver in frustration at my complacent feet
you’re nothing but a faeces…..a parasite……an odour.
An exquisite education could have aided your evidently wretched predicament
not for being inadvertently plagued with ignorance in abundance
oh those school days wasted playing truant and cackling as teacher narrates
classroom pranks won’t raise your profile here my love.
So with what did you wish to convey a plausible challenge to my authority?
a rusty nail and a hammer are no match for a pistol and a good lawyer
stand down and step back from my altar this instant.
Accept your dire situation grudgingly and return to your station
your workhouse associates await your disconcerted reverse to duty.
The Gods may presently commission my comeuppance as I dictate
pigs may fly and cats may direct busy traffic congestion in Time Square
Ahora si usted me excusa…… yo están ocupado.

We’re told these few are the architects directly or indirectly of every historic or impending war. The engineers of the world’s famine and disease in order to subdue, divide, reduce and conquer humanity. No man, woman or child of any country on Gods earth should be in need or want for nothing, as nature or God or both have naturally supplied you everything. If a country or district is without it’s because some human intervention has decreed it so, so THAT country be raped of it’s wealth. pride and resources by an evil force, to whom that country will be forever dependent upon for aid and finance and be governed in a manner it would dearly love to govern ALL countries of the world including it’s own which is in fact it’s ultimate goal. A people with no voice, no choice, no hope, no guns, no fun, no sun, no lights, no rights, no rights to appeal, no rights at all……a HELL ON EARTH. Forced labour, house evictions, home confiscations, child confiscations, mind control, the elimination of the old, the sickly, the dark, the unresponsive, the un-co-operative and the unnecessary…..The rest to fill a zombie world with constant surveillance and restrictions….a ‘prison without bars’ as David Icke would say.
The Nazis (THEIR creation) were an evil agenda for world supremacy and world domination to cleanse the world of the irrelevant and bring about a new world order, but thwarted by mankind’s eventual awakening and resolution to fight back and reclaim his/her right to be free. Hindered by the two thing the masses have over them… LOVE and NUMBERS. Without mans ignorant co-operation they’re powerless and so encourage your compliance and ignorance of their existence, agenda and desire to rule as Gods.  Is it not possible that North Korea retains and develops its nuclear weapons as a way of defending itself as a deterrent against the bullying might of the USA and its allies, hellbent on being the ONLY country with nuclear weapons, which would place them in the perfect position to control, conquer, dominate and destroy as it wishes?  Should you blindly accept the medias twisting of facts designed to alienate and demean a country simply standing proud and strong, determined enough to defend its pride, solidarity and freedom of corruption, an impending war and collapse?  Is this why the USA hates and constantly irritates  countries like North Korea and Iran and so on, for daring to stand strong and defiant of their desired dominance? Could this be a large reason to why World War 3 hasn’t started yet?  Or has it already started? ……WATCH WHAT YOU EAT.

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We’re told they’re well aware of the subconscious mind and the power of imagery and use it at every opportunity via subliminal messages on your TV’s, the streets and in your homes. The bible, crucifix, symbols, pictures, films, music etc may all potentially be of satanic value. Symbolism and numerology are said to be used to influence the beliefs, thoughts and actions YOU actually BELIEVE are YOUR own. You are NOT immune, they can determine whether you turn left or turn right, whether you do or don’t, whether you’re passive or aggressive. Pop/Rock/Film Stars are allegedly used to encourage fan worship and focus attention upon demonic images into the psyche. Some are more susceptible than others…but ALL are influenced to some degree if ignorant of its existence and its potential power to exploit weakness (see Derren Brown). Using words of double meaning to slyly enter the subconscious mind, the twisting, turning and splitting of letters to form other letters or numbers to reveal other anagrammatized words of hidden meaning. Often using Roman numerology. The A, K, N, and Z are used to form VI for the number six, the T is used as a form of disrespect to Jesus or God. The L may double up as the world ‘Hell’. The E may be turned backward to form a number 3, etc etc etc. Note the Ku Klux Klan or is that the KKK or VI VI VI or 666 or note too the name NAZI could be seen as VI VI VI or 666 I or Satan I….possibly….you even dial 999 for the police, surely a play with the 666 again there somewhere….The reverse image or wording is said to be used, one to receptively enter the conscious mind and the other to slyly enter the sub-conscious mind.  For instance: The HOLY BIBLE, or is it the Wholly Bible or the Wholly Libel or the Completely False. Then there’s the CHURCH itself, or is it the Chruch (Crutch), disrespectfully omitting the T, which is a satanic reverence to Jesus and God. Or what about CHRISTMAS, pronounced chrismas, again omitting the T again as a disrespect to Jesus and God, criss representing the (cross)ing out of Christ as in Xmas. Thus is it possible that Xmas is more of a satanic celebration than what you’ve been fooled to believe is actually a celebration of the birth of Christ. Then there’s the name SANTA or is it Satan. Could it be even that certain places like the church itself have been (priorly) satanically cursed to deflect or withhold worship and prayer. Ever wondered why a compulsive gambler struggles win when he/she enters a gambling establishment, yes they may have their moments of joy but most after constant gambling within these establishments will eventually be losers, as these places are priorly cursed to hold the gambler and eventually recoup any money won and leave the gambler feeling deflated. Could it be right there in front of you in the naming itself?  CASINO? sounds too much like CASH-I-NO, or WILLIAM HILL?  again looks too much like WILL-I-AM-ILL, or is this just co-incidence? What about the other bookmakers names, BETFRED? what is that secretly saying? Fred is ‘short’ for Frederick or Freddy, is that the clue ‘SHORT’ = BET-SHORT? are they willing you to ‘bet short of cash’ What about JOE CORAL? again Joe is short for Joseph and Coral or is it CHORALE refers to the singing voice, so what is JOE CORAL sub-conciously saying? ‘SHORT VOICE perhaps?’ (you will be short of singing voice once you’ve lost your hard earned money) and what about LADBROKES or is it LAD-BROKE, (short of funds?) looks dubious again, all there in plain view….. OR maybe ALL just more silly nonsense.
Oh yes the Police, their professionalism is certainly in question over their handling of the recent shabby arrests of certain celebrities lately, ie: Rolf Harris, Jim Davidson, Freddie Starr etc etc, due to allegations of child abuse. Surely these men are innocent until proven guilty, so to arrest and leak their details to the press before conviction is unfair and unprofessional…. BUT then the police and the press do work for the same source, so what the hell. These named men will have to endure the gossip, finger pointing and possible verbal or physical attacks from an unforgiving and impulsive public, not to mention the humiliation and shame they’ll face from family and friends, which though well deserved if found guilty, if innocent they’ll endure suspicion for the rest of their lives.
But then let’s not digress, these self chosen few are said to create the worlds problems then by offering a solution they’re now the heroes. ALEX JONES and others spotlight the recent school shootings of ‘Sandy Hook’ and the twin tower terrorist attacks of New York and who knows maybe even Pearl Harbor was designed to encourage support for the USA to enter WW2. We’re told they’re behind the media, the mafia, the FBI, NASA, Hollywood, the justice system, the police, the army, the church, the drugs, Al Qaeda, the banking system etc etc. If so can you really believe anything the press tells you? Should you doubt your eyes and ears when they repeat over and over again those newsflashes on your TV screen in order to firmly imprint their lies as fact on your tiny minds. Should you query the vaccinations they freely dish out in response to an epidemic they themselves surely created? Is there’s an hidden reason for their suspicious desire to pump you full of God knows WHAT under the guise of a cure? The internet is now full of stories of the New World Order and its desire to reduce the population dramatically, maybe these vaccines are designed to greatly weaken the immune system further and break down the body’s natural ability to fight their contrived infections. Then there’s those free government issue low energy light bulbs you’ve been encouraged to use for the last 10 years or so which encourage nausea and agitation it has been said ….or is that hogwash too?
It’s said the chem-trails in your sky are used by the government to agitate the human race to conflict (eg. road rage?) or is it to muffle the truth vibrations they’re all too aware of, or maybe it’s to alter the earth’s atmosphere by placing some sort of shield around the globe in order to deflect the suns light and enable aliens (unable to deal with our atmosphere) to emerge from the darkness and walk amongst us (God help us) and could this be inadvertently affecting our weather dramatically making it erratic and unpredictable… more hogwash I hear you mutter…
Could it be a baby freshly born to the world cries due to its now CONSCIOUS mind realizing something’s horribly wrong with its new environment, now no longer safe and secure from harm and able to clearly sense the negative low vibrational atmospheric elements and people that fill your lives? How often have you heard a child profess to have seen the dead and freely (without fear) interact with them, only for its guardians to ridicule such sessions as mere imagination, thus closing the child’s mind and causing the child to lose the natural ability to communicate and converse.

God Help Us

Get yer hat and coat my love we’re on our way to hell
curses and addictions?
Yeah! we’re taking them as well
the media are chilling
the government are billing
our children are unwilling to adhere the healers teachings.
Or make our peace with Jesus or whoever wakes the soul
and pray for Armageddon with an artistry of old
Clownfgfgthose debts are superseding
your harmony and breeding
they stand corrupt devising
more shifty advertising
Pull the kids from school before the nerdy warp their minds
those perverts in authority are lusting young behinds
he’s nervous and unstable
she tries but isn’t able
his backbone’s surely missing
she nods, but isn’t listening
Shite adorns our TV screens coerced by Uncle Sam
God knows why I’m watching this but rest assured I am
Would you like a plasma screen with subliminal harness?
”no thanks mate I think I’d rather bask in complete darkness”
designed to strip thee down
and infiltrate thee mind
with visions of decline
in custom made designs
The devil and his entourage are kicking down my door
a TV crew aligns them in the boots of Channel 4
the glare corrupts the eyes
that quote was so revised
a stage so improvised
and statements packed with lies
Hail the earths regeneration, gather by the sea
your God bestows a hand to those who followed the decree
it wasn’t my decision
I honored my division
I prayed for more infusion
but stuttered with a passion.

Wise men and women litter the internet with much surreal information that you can either indulge further or switch off and carry on nibbling french fries and pop corn and supping Pepsi believing the world is beautiful, lovely, carefree, uncomplicated and perfect…… Thanks you very much. Just keep your head down, work hard, play hard, sleep around, drink plenty if you can afford it and enjoy your pension and wait for your time to die ignorant but happy as a sheep in a field of tasty green, with no knowledge of anything better than what you’ve been apportioned…… ALL THIS AND MORE …. COME YE LAMBS TO THE SLAUGHTER

We’re told of a partial list of peoples allegedly killed for sacrifice or for revealing and exposing the corrupt and evil world of politics and showbusiness:
Kurt Cobain, Jimi Hendix, Ami Whinehouse, Whitney Houston, Michael Jackson (smeared), Michael Hutchence, John Lennon, James Dean, John Peel, Robin Cook , Brian Haw , Princess Diana, Abraham Lincoln, Martin Luther King, Mahatma Gandhi, Malcolm X , Derek Branning (of ‘EastEnders’), dear little Bambi’s mother, Cock Robin etc etc etc …

‘yes! Cock Robin copped it too’.

Or should we simply believe the medias stories of misadventure, drugs or a crazed assassin? Makes life a lot easier to manage and stomach…
Who was it said ‘the good die young’ or are they simply removed?
God bless them all……WE’LL MEET AGAIN.

The body is but a vehicle … The Soul is the REAL you….and THE SOUL NEVER DIES.